Wuerzburg pays attention and takes action

Against discrimination – for civil courage

We want a Wuerzburg, where everyone is able to lead a good life. Discrimination harms all people and our society. For this city to be sensitive towards all forms of discrimination, it requires people who pay attention and take action.

We are there for you and support you.

Here you can take action by gathering information (informing yourself), reporting incidents and thus stand up for the right not to be discriminated.

Who we are and how we operate

We are people from Wuerzburg, who are involved in maintaining a non-discriminatory and open-minded Wuerzburg, where tolerance and respect are lived.
We are involved in Wuerzburg´s alliance for democracy and civil courage (registered association) and in Wuerzburg´s anti-discrimination ombud.

We offer professional consulting service for people, who experience discrimination and who want to take action against discrimination.

We give advice. We document. We support. We mediate.

Why to contact us?

There´s no room for discrimination in Wuerzburg, but sometimes you can find it. Therefore we need you to uncover discrimination and break it down. We want to create a Wuerzburg, where everybody can participate. By contacting us, you too can participate.

You help us to uncover discriminatory structures, discriminatory action and inhumanity.

Thereby you can make an important contribution to transform Wuerzburg step by step into a city that is sensitive for discrimination and where everyone is able to live a good and safe life. We will be happy to advise you.

What happened?

Contact us – confidentially and for free. When required anonymously. We can gladly organize a translator.

1Information on the incident
In order to process your concern, we need some information:
Relevant details can be: What happened? When and where did it happen? Who was with you? Who is also involved? Who is affected? Is this already a public case or have you contacted other counseling centers?

More information

Discrimination violates human rights. Nobody should be disadvantaged because of their sex, religion (belief & ideology), descent (language, nationality, etc.), age, sexual orientation or disability.

Discrimination means, that people are being distinguished, depreciated and mistreated, because of features like social background, ethnic origin, sex and age. This type of discrimination can be caused not only by individuals, but also by public offices, authorities and companies. This unequal treatment does not happen in isolation, but rather depends on social ideas like “the norm” (normality) and “sense of belonging”. Discrimination is forbidden by law. Sometimes it is hard to identify discrimination. We help to classify experiences.

Anti-discrimination counseling aims at promoting and supporting people that are affected by discrimination with detecting and enforcing their rights. We offer a protected space, where you can share your experiences. Counseling is confidential and independent. We take you seriously and we are here to help. We give advice, you determine the next steps.

Counseling and support concerning discrimination – We are here to help you!

Wuerzburg´s anti-discrimination ombud is an independent anti-discrimination office for Wuerzburg. We are the contact point for everyone from Wuerzburg, who experiences discrimination on a daily basis, asks for counseling or everyone who wants to take an active stand against discrimination.

Prejudices and stereotypes can trigger discrimination. Biases means the attempt to apply one standard to all, as for social groups. When we speak of stereotypes, we speak of attributing certain characteristics to people on the basis of certain features (e.g. age). Prejudices and stereotypes become problematic, when they result in derogatory attitudes and people are being judged negatively or being mistreated.

Biases and stereotypes interconnect with thinking patterns, which classify people due to randomly chosen categories and features and as a result construct groups.

They rank groups, which enables an upgrading and downgrading and attribute often negative characteristics to them.

Discrimination can occur in all aspects of life:

  • in employment (e.g. during job training, application)
  • in private services (e.g. in stores, at insurance companies)
  • in the housing market (e.g. landlord, property management)
  • in the health and care sectors (e.g. at the doctor´s office, in the hospital, in care facilities)
  • in public offices and authorities
  • in the area of justice and police
  • in education (e.g. daycare, school, university)
  • online or media
  • in public (e.g.: free time, public transport)
  • in the neighborhood